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Dundee Foodbank - Helping Local People in Crisis

Our charity for this year is Dundee Foodbank.

Referrals to the Dundee Foodbank have increased by 55% in the last year and an average of 30 people are given food parcels every day.

If you’d like to help us with our food drive for the Dundee Foodbank, please bring along a donation to our collection point the next time you come to the saleroom. Your support would be greatly appreciated. 

The charity urgently needs donations of:

Tinned fruit, tinned puddings (e.g. rice pudding, custard), tinned meat (e.g. ham, corned beef), tinned vegetables, tinned ready meals (e.g. minced beef, macaroni), coffee, tea and biscuits.

For more information on the Dundee Foodbank visit www.dundee.foodbank.org.uk.

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